Hello all,

It’s been a long long time since I’ve written something and since it’s sweater weather already here’s the answer to most of your cold related skin care issues 
(drumroll)….presenting to you COCONUT OIL – THE ULTIMATE SKIN REMEDY!!!


Coconut oil is very basic and is easily available in any grocery store or pharmacy near you so getting your hands on it won’t be a problem. In case you’re using it on your face or for consuming it make sure you buy cold pressed organic coconut oil and for other purposes you can opt for the regular oil.

Here’s how you can use coconut oil in several different ways:

  1. Body moisturizer Coconut oil is one of my most prefered moisturizer in all seasons. It is known for lightening your skin tone as well as removing the blemishes. It locks in the moisture of the skin and keeps it hydrated to get you going.
  2. Lip Scrub- One can mix some brown sugar with coconut oil and use it as a scrub to get rid of dead skin and uneven lip texture. Mix some coconut oil with sugar and rub it on both your lips for a minute and then leave it on for say 5 minutes, then wash off the excess and you’re good to go! This paste softens your lips and makes them smooth along with keeping them hydrated. You can use this technique before applying lipstick in winters to prevent drying of lips.
  3. Makeup Remover- Regular makeup removers can be a little too harsh on your skin in winters. All you gotta do is take a cotton pad, dip it in some coconut oil and wipe your face with it to remove any makeup or dirt. With this simple hack you’ll be left with a glowing face and coconut is sure to remove any unwanted makeup and grime from your face.
  4. Soothening cream- Got a rash? Dab some coconut oil on the affected area and keep applying it time after time. You’ll see in a day or two it’ll be gone and you’ll be left with a smooth and shiny skin!
  5. Toothpaste- Weird but true, coconut oil can be used to clean the teeth and remove any kind of blackening. Mix some coconut oil with baking soda and apply it on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth in the normal fashion and in 2 weeks you’ll notice the change. IMG_2326Hope you find these hacks useful. Comment below with your feedback and make sure you follow me on instagram @ nazariya_bysakshi .

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sunita Gupta says:

    Sakshi.. it looks coconut oil is all purpose and useful . I was trying to use virgin coconut oil on face and the texture off the skin did improve. Thanks for sharing a few more uses of this soft oil. Love ❤️❤️
    From Sunita Gupta.


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