Feed your skin!

A glowing Skin is the best makeup one can wear !!!

Your face needs more care and nourishment as compared to your other body parts.

I was born with an even skintone (most of us are) but had a sensitive skin. My complexion became tanned and dull because of excessive sun exposure, poor eating habits and pollution. That is when I began my quest for finding brands which are harmless to the skin as well as promising in terms of results. I came across 2 major brands which I cannot thank enough for the skin and complexion I have today ie. Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials India. Both of them deal with ayurvedic skincare.

So here are a few products which have been a part of my everyday regime since almost 3 years now.

1. Delicate Facial Cleanser – Kashmiri Saffron and Neem (Forest Essentials):

We all know the importance of a good cleanser. This one in particular has a very smooth texture. There’s no lather once you rub it on your face which is a win win situation since a face wash generating foam is not a positive sign. Moreover once you clean your face with water you don’t feel like your skin is stretching or something or there’s an immediate rush for applying moisturiser.

2. Ice:

Ice is a natural toner and closes all the pores on your face after cleansing. I’ll advise not to rub ice directly on your face rather wrap it in a muslin cloth and dab it on your skin. This is extremely helpful for those who have an acne prone skin. ( This ice thing was told to me by a very dear friend, @theskinyouwishfor)

3. Pure Rosewater (Kama Ayurveda):

Trust me rose water is the best form of toner is the market, and particularly when it is steam and distilled! Kama Ayurveda is particularly known for their rosewater and it has been featured by brands like vogue, GQ , cosmopolitan, etc. Whether I apply ice or not to my face I never fail to spray some rose water on face as it closes all the pores and gives me a dash of freshness!

4. Light Day Lotion- Indian Rose and Marigold (Forest Essentials):

This day lotion is again magic as it has the most amazing texture and the fragrance is unbeatable. Moreover it has an SPF which saves you from the hassle of sunscreens. It is made of completely natural products and is known for bringing out your true complexion and gives you an even toned skin. I have dry skin so people with oily skin can consult the store for the product which will suit their skin from this particular range of moisturisers.

This was all about the daycare regime! My night regime is similar to the day regime except for a little change. At night instead of a day lotion I generally apply a night serum and I mask my face once a week with coconut oil.

5. Soundarya Advanced Serum with 24 Karat Gold (Forest Essentials):

I have finished 3 bottles of this serum in the past 3 years, it’s a bit pricey but trust me it’s worth every penny you’ve spent since one bottle lasts almost a year. It has the goodness of saffron and several herbs. It’s known for lightening and brightening of skin and eventually fades away the scars. This product has worked wonders on my skin. Again I’ll warn you I have dry skin so consult the sales representative before buying.

6. Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (Kama Ayurveda):

We all know the benefits of coconut oil and this one is a cold pressed version and is absolutely organic. It smoothens your skin and helps cure blemishes, repairs sunburns & rashes and aids in achieving a fairer skin tone. Once in a week I give my face a 5 mins massage with coconut oil before sleeping and leave it for the night. It helps in retaining the moisture of the skin and gives an unbeatable glow!

So these are the six products which you’ll always find me using and I would highly recommend each one of these. Also I apply my DIY facial magic pack fortnightly to pamper my skin and remove tanning and give it a natural glow.

Link – https://nazariya-bysakshi.com/

Be it men or women investing in your skin is extremely important. Never underestimate the power of a healthy skin.

I’m not really a makeup person (not that I don’t do makeup) but I avoid wearing foundations or concealers. In most of my blog posts I hardly wear any makeup except for kajal and lipstick so you know how important it is to have a clear skin!I’m unsure if I’ll ever achieve that perfect looking skin but I’m definitely on the right path!!! I have a clearer skin tone, I still get acne (harmones!) but they settle down quickly and they do leave scars but they fade away very fast.

PS- I’m no dermatologist, I’m sharing my experiences with you all with a hope that it’ll be beneficial for you somehow!

Also for more such blogposts follow me on Instagram.@nazariya_bysakshi


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  1. Amita Garg says:

    Good beta👌👌👌


  2. Anonymous says:

    What about SPF .. should we apply spf separately or not…


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